From ambitious objectives to steady successes...

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Ailen Gamberoni
Alan Palmieri
Alberto Salaroli
Alessandro Venturelli
Alvaro Ugolini
Andrea de Sabato
Andrea Maggio
Andrea Rango
Andrea Stillacci
Angelo Baiguini
Antonio Vandoni
Betty Senatore
Cristiana MerlIi
Daniele Sinigallia
Dario Ballantini
Dario Usuelli
Diana de Marsanich
Emanuele Pietripaoli
Erica Herbert
Fabio Arboit
Fabio Nesi
Fabio Volo
Federica Gentile
Federico Zampaglione
Fernando Proce
Filippo Mauceri
Francesca Cheyenne
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Franco Zanetti
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Rossano Prini
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Tiziana Baudo
Valerio Peretti Cucchi
Vanessa Guarnera
Zap Mangusta

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Radio2 - Radio 101
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Radio Kiss Kiss - Rds
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Anna is a pleasant and helpful who carries out with passion and seriuosness her work. Experience and competence and professionality make her a valid professional of the sector. What do you think ,it’s right? Or do I put a Jutty Ranx…random?

Andrea Rango

Music Manager Radio m2o

Annina is simply unique. A great soul with a great and shining energy. A great professional with the music in her heart.

Francesco Rossi

Producer DJ

I know Anna less than a few year and yet I feel like I know her for a lifetime. So… we can say that with our Anna you never feel left out. With her also meetings business are dynamic and full of energy. Collaborating with her means absorb a positivity that you never tasted before. So be it work with person like here. Everything is easier and understandable.

Monica Picca

Casting “Che Tempo Che Fa” RAI TV

What can I say about Anna Merzari Chandrika? The Queen of emoticons, she is our allarm in the morning and our fairy of goodnight…our Annina! She is a breath of enthusiasm, happiness, positivity and determination in this (music business) recording world, now reduced to sending wetransfer and mp3. God save you!

Tiziana Baudo

PR RTL 102.5

Thanks for the many sacrifices to make people open up for my music, thanks for making things happen, you’re the best

Ozark Henry

Anna is a serious professional, with the winning weapon, that seats her above many others : the sympathy. (No offence to anyone)

Maurizio Gullotta

Ceo & Founder – EARONE

As well as she is a positive and nice person. Anna is also a very good professional and she is capable in her work, she always puts passion and enthusiasm in everything she does. Working with her is a very pleasure!

Alvaro Ugolini

Founder Energy Production

I always said what the Old School is a teacher of life and profession, Annina fully represents the skills, courtesy, availability and…smartness! In a world where everyone improvises a job,I know where to look when seeking a true professional. Big up for you Anna!

Francesca Dascola

Culrure Manager BURN energy drink

She is both efficient and joyful, precise and always smiling. Her energy is contagious, she always knows how involve people who she meets, without ever being intensive. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Nicolò Vecchia

Radio Popolare Network

Meeting Anna Merzari makes you feel good. Its charge of enthusiasm infects you and excites you. With her the next is better than before and the day is painted with colors of the rainbow.

RUPERT Roberto Bottaro

Music Manager Rai Radio2

Anna has been a key element to my success!! She always believed in my songs and worked so hard to get me to where I am right know. If you get to work with her one day, you should feel extremely lucky. Thanks Anna for you spirit, passion and hard work! Un bacio

Alvaro Soler

Chandrika! This woman is a positive force of nature not only musically but spiritually. She will lift up your soul! XX


Anna is the best! Professional, sympathy, kindness and great heart full of enthusiasm! Go Anninaaaa!!!

Gaspare Baglio

Author and Speaker Radio - FS NEWS MAGAZINE

Anna is  nice and talented. Above all she made us achieving some Multiplatino. Can you do better than this?

Luca Stante

Managing Director, Believe Digital Italian Subsidiary

Dj Annina (only me can call her so) is  very good, strong and determinate, she always achieves the result and she is certainly among the best promoters that I’ve ever known. Anna is also a very good person. Highest regard!

Rossano Prini

DJ ROSS - Head Of Music Radio M20

Anna nice and determinate that never gives up because she believes and she truly believes.

Stefano Senardi

Work with Anna is fantastic for two reasons : the first is that she focuses on the lens to the maximum and never gives up in the face of obstacles. The second is that her perpetual smile and enthusiasm is contagious as to make  even better the working day blackest.

Mario Sala

Manager International Marketing UNIVERSAL MUSIC ITALY

Amazing and so fun to work with Annina she loves this like we do!!!” La Familia

J Balvin

Annina? A real professional!! Tough and gifted. She knows how to set goals and she reaches them all without hesitation. She is very kind and really smart. I truly admire her courage to come back to work in Italy, Annina is like that, always ready for new challenges, that beautiful smile and wonderful accent from Emilia, how can one resist that!!

Ailen Gamberoni

Journalist – Sportmaker / Marie Claire / Max

Anna is not only very good at what she does, but also a wonderful
person. I wish all of you to work with her to see how business and good sound principles can coexist. These days a very rare thing.
Alessandro Venturelli

Managing Director of International – Y&R Barcelona

Annina is alive!!!

Andrea Pellizzari

Dj, anchorman and speaker

Just a thought… You are the incarnation of enthusiasm… of firmness… of passion… and her Tortellini is delicious! Angelo Baiguini

Speaker and Program Director of RTL 102.5

Beautiful, I should say Beauty Anna! And by the way she looks on stressful situations I should rather say: the miraculous Anna! Dario Ballantini “Valentino”

“Striscia La Notizia” – Speaker of RaiRadio2

I’m glad to be a part of this, to me you are unstoppable, always capable to deal and win over any difficulty with a contagious smile!!! Donatella Calembo

Journalist SKY Tg24

What can I say of Anna that anybody knows?! She always knows what to say and how to be understood. About work, she’s fast, for real and determinate. She’s a great PR, she knows how to make you join her, and she doesn’t give up till you accept. She makes every project her own, if not, she doesn’t even work on it. We often worked together in Milan: concerts, showrooms, book presentations, and lots more. She takes care of all the details, till the end. Always on time. This is the best way to introduce us. I think that’s all, and as a famous advertisement used to say: try it to believe it… Fabio Arboit

Speaker of Radio CAPITAL

Hi Annina. I would say volcanic, a panzer  tank! Federica Gentile

Anchorwoman RaiTV/RaiMusic – Speaker of RTL 102.5

…they say about you? That you always smile and I don’t know how you do that!!! Kisses Francesca Cheyenne

Tv Host and Speaker of RTL 102.5

I know Anna for a very long time, I saw her at the very beginning and greatly mature and grow professionally. Today she is even smarter and more determined than ever and much to everyone’s surprise, she has kept that same enthusiasm and great energy she had at the beginning of her career. And knowing her well, I know she’s going to stay like this for the next 1000 years… Gian Arnaldi

Director Business Development Sony Music Italy

Annina! If we didn’t have her we would have to make one. But since we do have he, all we need to do is call  her on the phone! We never know where she might be! I have a feeling they came up with cell phones just for her! Gianni Fantoni

Writer, Actor, Comedian, Host and Author for radio and TV

Shining, brilliant, cool, just Annina Lello Orso

International media consultant (Rainbow Media inc-Chin Radio Tv International-Ckmw radio Limited)

Anna showed me one of the best hotels in Italy, it’was comfortable and spectacular, and there I brought all my work stuff and one day I wish to bring my family. I’m not gonna tell you where it is, and not even how is called, otherwise it’ll be packed next time I’ll go. Ask her if you are really interested. Luca de Gennaro

Head of Talent & Music, South Europe MTV Networks

Annina! How old must you be to loose this girlish name? Anna is the most focus person I know, she’s always pushing everybody to join her events. It’s still unknown the way to say “no” to her!
 Bye! Luca Viscardi

Program Director Radio NUMBERONE Network

Even if her name, Annina, sounds like the name of a weak, sweet and tiny girl, she is the most determinate person I ever met in showbiz, luckily she is sweet too! She can solve all your problems, every time the situation gets tough and rough; she comes to make it easy. Every time in a brilliant and great way!
I always believed that having Big Friends in the business isn’t enough to succeed; it needs personality and respect for all, always helpful but really focused in what believed. All this owns to Annina, but PLEASE don’t make her mad!!! 
Love Marco Fullone

DJ, speaker e music program manager of Radio Montecarlo

I don’t know her very much but even if I did, I would love to know more of her, A professional with a smile, a very rare thing. Paola De Simone

Journalist and Speaker at Radio INBLU

Annina, she is the right connection to everyone and for everything. You are better than any broadband! PLANET FUNK

If I would ever need… 
(Thought over about Annina) 
If I would ever need a little witch that makes me happy about my future.
 If I would ever need a friend to cry all my tears without fear or shame,
 If I would ever need someone to laugh with about my Bologna, 
If I would ever need winning all the way playing cards,
 If I would ever need a good dinner with fresh Tortellini and meat sauce,
 If I would ever need a trip on an helicopter,
 If I would ever need someone to cross the line with, just a bit, 
If I would ever need sincerity and a friend for real… 
If I would really need all this, it means that I’m wrong…
 Why? Because I already got you! Roberto Gentileschi

Head of Promotion Sugar Music

I know Anna for many years and I must say one thing, she is the only promoters I know that gets results without being too pushy like other colleagues of hers!! Big hug. Saverio Ariemma

Coreographer and Director Mediaset (Striscia la notizia: the most important satirical TV show)

I’m not a real party animal…but it’s always hard to decline Anna’ invitations, her events are the best!!! Stefano Gallarini

Journalist and Speaker of RADIO24

Annina!! you are one of the few cases in which behind a nickname there is a great person.

Alberto Salaroli

Producer Mediaset – Striscia la Notizia (the number one satirical italian show)

Annina is a force of nature
annina: one she thinks, tons she makes
. Annina: once you meet her, you fell like You have known her forever
. Annina: she has lots of ideas and lots of parties going on, she’s always inviting you everywhere, and the way she asks you to participate..well, you just can’t say no!! 
Annina: you can feel how she loves what she does by the way she talks about it, she makes everybody feel special…artists love this
I really go for all the people that put passion on what they do.
 Annina is one of those. This sounds like the description of the perfect woman… well this is the best of her, I don’t know the weak points! With love

Andrea de Sabato

Dj and speaker of RTL 102.5

Pragmatic immagination. This the first thing that comes to mind when I think about work, abut ideas and about Anna’s irresistible positive energy. Andrea Stillacci

Founder - President of HEREZIE
President of AACC (French Delegation of Advertising)

A definition of Anna? OTT – Over The Top. You’re great! Antonella Scoliero

Executive Producer of 360 fx table top

Sorry I don’t belong to any social network, but I highly appreciate you. Dario Dario Usuelli

Music manager of Radio DEEJAY

Anna is finally back, the music industry is more alive and more colorful and we are all happier and more smiley. Emanuele Pietripaoli

Head of Playmeker MTV Italia

Ahahahhaha you are the communication wizard… very cool!!! Fabio Nesi

Executive Producer Casta Diva Pictures Milan

All right! Annina on-line…cool! I’m here for you… Fernando Proce

Speaker Radio RTL 102.5

Annina is one of the few people that mix seriousness and joy, job and fun, this is not a detail! 
Franco Zanetti Franco Zanetti

Journalist and editing manager of

Personally I’ve known Annina for a little more than a year, and what has hit me from the beginning is the love for her work, whether she’s working with big artists or new-coming ones, she always finds the most interesting side of them. She’s always calm, and in a world like this, it’s really the best quality to have. Gianmaurizio Foderaro Gianmaurizio Foderaro

Music Director RaiRadio1

She’s the girl: Outgoing, brilliant and sweet. Where there is music, there is Annina! Kriss & Kriss

Vjs and Speakers of Radio 105

Annina… a wonderful travelling friend!!! Leo De Rosa

A&R Universal Music Italy

Brilliant, direct, never annoying while she’s promoting an artist. Anna is all this. A person that found her way in this business, with respect and affection. Thinking about, there are three kind of press agent. Those who forget you, once they have done with their job; those who you can’t remember of them; and, at the end, those who give you the right impression, Annina is one of those. Luca Dondoni

Journalist (La Stampa) end speaker Radio RTL 102.5

Annina… we know each other for a while now… the enthusiasm is the same and most of all her charm! Max Baffa

Music Manager of Radio105

It’s always so hard to find hard worker with passion, happiness, and dream in our job! Annina is one of the few people that I met that is all this: it’s a real pleasure working with her…even if it’s just for a chat! So annina, good luck and lots of joy, and as we say SHIT!!! Kiss, Marina Marina Galliani

Production manager of Mediaset (Canale5)

Annina defines me “alternative”, understanding a part of me that to the most is invisible. But the real “alternative” is she, that believes in music and in love over all. Anna is one of the few people that I know that goes behind what is obvious, finding the real talent of every single person. I realized, during those years, that the very talented one is she. Paola “Funky” Gallo

Speaker of Radio Italia SMI – Art Director of Radio InBlu

Working with Anna has always been a great expereince, for many reasons. Combining experience, optimism and love, she was a huge part of the success of our single “I See You”, 2013. Traveling with Anna, for promotion that year, I noticed that wherever we would go- people really love her. She is talented, hard-working and one of the kindest people I know. Justin Taylor


Annina is a good girl, she doesn’t like chocolate and candies, but CDs. Annina loves concerts and music bands, and also the after show parties!!! Annina loves backstage pass stickers!!! Annina loves music…well this is all and for the DJs she simply gives a call!!! Think about it!!! Rocco Anaclerio (Dj Ringo)

Art Director VIRGIN Radio Italy

ANNINA. Sensitivity and enthusiasm come out from every pore. And great honesty…a rare thing these days Savino Zaba

Anchorman RAI TV, showman Speaker of RADIO2

Anna is the result of a beautiful girl and a bulldozer. When she takes care of something, she just goes for it, no matter what she has to face. Thanks to her I sold my book, but the greatest thing is that it wasn’t published yet, I didn’t even write it! She’s a real force of nature! But mind her temperament, I wrote this poem about it:
Anna did you need to leave me like this?
I miss that great smile,
I miss those shining eyes,
I miss that nice little nose,
I miss that hot shape.
So you weren’t kidding when you told me you would punch me right in my face! 
Valerio Peretti Cucchi Valerio Peretti Cucchi

o-writer for Tv/Radio and “Striscia La Notizia” (Canale5)

Behind lots of women of success, often there is strong motivation. Annina has ten of them (motivations) in front, and not only. Zap Mangusta

Radio/Tv writer, speaker RaiRadio2

Annina: they should enroll her in the secret service, in the elite forces, in the intelligence service of every country! She would get an answer even from the best spy in the world, she would make even the toughest marine talk. Her instruments of torture??? Kindness, gentleness, education, sympathy, patience. Annina you rock!Love you. Antonio Antonio Irace

Music and Artsitic Director at Radio Kiss Kiss Neetwork

Anna, Annina, great woman and great professional. Warm, positive and determined, I wish there were more of you!!! Antonio Vandoni

Music and Artsitic Director at radio Italia SMI

Dear Annina, this is my thought…the first thing I call up to my mind thinking of you is…the Festival of Sanremo. We met right there. We were waiting for the Placebo, they were late (we found out later that they had lost all their luggage), so we started to talk about everything: Milan, parties, broken couches during hotel room’s parties (she can explain to you all this), guys and Bologna, her city. We switched our phone numbers and since then we keep in touch, not only for work! Good luck! Betty Senatore

Speaker of Radio CAPITAL

A great professional, joyful, warm, trustworthy, with great Energy and enthusiasm that she shares with every artist and in every project she believes in. Cristiana Merli

Producer Rai RADIO2

Mind-blowing. Anna, for her friends she is Annina, is a true force of nature. You can’t say no to her, her enthusiasm is contagious! she is a professional in the music business, a trend setter, she has the ability to transform business relations into overwhelming melodies. Annina rocks!! Diana de Marsanich

Journalist · Cairo Editore
Publisher (Natural style - For Men Magazine)

Anna’s energy, enthusiasm and positivity can be summed up perfectly in this quote: ’If you think sunshine brings you happiness then you haven’t danced in the rain’. Anna you are such an inspiration! Erica Herbert

Director - Great Guns production company London

Hi sweety, a kiss to you too. I’m happy that we had the chance to meet each other for work; usually it’s the opposite. The music you gave me is great, and I hope that I give the right impression when I speak about it on the radio. I love the passion you put in all your projects. I’m glad we are friends. Fabio Volo

Writer, Anchorman, Actor and Speaker of Radio DEEJAY

Annina reminds me of Amelie and her generous attention to the people and their hearts. the fabulous world of Annina. Filippo Mauceri

Tv and radio Writer (Il Senso Della Vita – Radio2Days)

Annina is the best! professionality, cheerfulness and kindness, and a heart so filled with enthusiasm! Go Annina!!! Gaspare Baglio


…Annina never tells everything she’s going to do…she’s a silent hard worker but always focused. Usually she’s happy if you join her in her project, in an active way of course. Lots of times while I was working at my last radio project I wasn’t telling her everything about it, but she was always coming up with great things that made my job easier, for example David Byrne, Henry Salvador, Tiromancino. Trust me I’m a “real man”, sometimes! Gianni de Berardinis

Co-writer for Tv/Radio Speaker of Radio 101

I wanted to write about important things, but everything seemed important, I didn’t know it” I stole to my favorite writer this sentence, from “I married a communist” of Philip Roth. I wanted to write important things for Anna, because she deserves them, but…so I went for this option. Now, just think about something beautiful and that makes you happy. A great thing. Well, that is what I wanted to write to her. I think it works. La laura Laura Piazzi

Journalist, writer end speaker of Rai RADIO2

Annina knows that promoting to be effective must stem from passion and taking pleasure in creating a success! Leopoldo Lombardi

Music Lawyer and President AFI

…One day she took me to Bologna to meet my idol: Mauro Malavasi, and as a regular teenager I asked him for an autograph…he told me: “but I don’t even have all those records of mine!” Now all the covers of the “Change”, drawn by Greg Porto, with my mentor’s autograph are all over my walls. Annina made one of my dreams come true…she’s better than Miss Carrà! Luca Sacchi

Program Director of Radio Capital

Active and creative, she proposes to everybody the right solution for his or her needs, with joy and happiness. Soon she becomes a point of reference. Determined and indefatigable, her motto is: “we are not gonna give up, straight to the end” Marco Alboni

Chairman of Warner Music Italy

Anna Merzari is a hard worker and she’s a gem shining in the showbiz, that’s rare to find! With respect. Michele Di Lernia

The best Head of Promotion of Italian’s Record Companie storys

You have always been a woman full of resources and her energy shines all over her life and over everyone is around her…did artists maybe get it?
 Kisses Petra Loreggian

Anchorwoman - speaker of Radio RDS

Annina is great!!!Both on aprofessional and personal level!! Trustworthy, human, kind and very hard working. Roberta Bellini

Director Mediaset

Energy, determination, brightness. Those are only the first three things that come to my mind when I think of her. Quite good, isn’t it? Rosario Pellecchia

Speaker Radio 105

Anna? First of all Annina. I’m not sure if I’m lucky for having met her working or for having her as a friend!? Beside love, she’s one of the few people I met to be correct, available, but over all she’s always ON TIME for every rendezvous. Active, creative and indefatigable…only one word “dream catcher”. But what I admire the most is the passion she has and the love she puts into every project: every challenge must be hers! A fault? She definitely determined! Everything she does must be ended, and it must be perfect. She always makes it! Stefania Garibaldi